KMC2 | KMA600.6 | 2 x KM654L | KMF10

  • £1,359.75

Our Marine System Four LED is for people who really like their music and are seeking the best audio experience on their boat. Starting from the top the KMC2 again takes multiple input sources and delivers crystal clear audio signal to the amplifier. In this case the 600W unit produces great power over 6 separate channels giving your system plenty of energy across a lot of usable outputs. In order to share the audio experience 2 sets of 6.5" coaxial speakers are included producing that trademark high quality Kicker audio sound. Where this system differs is an additional 10" marine spec subwoofer reproduces those low notes ensuring you here the whole sound, just as the artist intended. We've also chucked in a 10" LED grill to protect the subwoofer when the party kicks off as well as add some cool lighting to the event. As stated this is a serious system for people who really want to hear every beat of their music in high quality sound, be the envy of your friends!

This system has the LED speaker and subwoofer grill versions. Each grill has built-in RGB lighting allowing you to reproduce 7 colours as standard or with the addition of the KMLC remote 20 colours and 19 modes.

Available with a charcoal or white colour subwoofer grill. Please select from the dropdown when ordering.

KAKMC2 - KMC Marine Media Centre
KA45KM654L - KM Marine 6.5" (165 mm) Coaxial Speaker System x 2
KA45KMA6006 - KMA Marine 450W 6 Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier
KA45KMF104 - KMF Marine 10" Freeair Single Voice Coil Subwoofer - 4 Ohm
KA45KMG10 - KA Marine 10" LED Subwoofer Grill