KMC2 | KXMA800.8 | 2 x KM654 | KMTC65 | KMF10

  • £2,289.70

Our Marine System Five is for people who are looking to envelope their craft in high quality audio. The system here is built around an impressive 3 sets of speakers allowing your music to play to everyone on-board. In addition to the 2 sets of coaxial speakers included in our other systems, there is also a set of full-range enclosed tower speakers. The same speakers in essence, however here installed in a specifically matched enclosure to enable accurate sound reproduction as well as easy mounting to marine towers. All of these speakers are powered off one large KXM 800W 8 channel amplifier, leaving 2 channels available to also power the 10" subwoofer, crucial in ensuring that your music is played back in its entirety. This of course comes with the protective 10" grill. To increase the system creativity this is topped off with a KMC2 source unit, adding, AM/FM, RCA, USB and bluettoth input.

Available with a charcoal or white colour subwoofer grill. Please select from the dropdown when ordering.

KAKMC2 - KMC Marine Media Centre
KA45KM654 - KM Marine 6.5" (165 mm) Coaxial Speaker System x 2
KA45KMTC65 - KM Marine 6.5" (165 mm) Coaxial Tower Speakers
KA45KXMA8008 - KXM Marine 800W 8 Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier
KA45KMF104 - KMF Marine 10" Freeair Single Voice Coil Subwoofer - 4 Ohm
KA45KMG10 - KA Marine 10" LED Subwoofer Grill