KMC2 | KMA150.2 | KM654

  • £449.95

If you really want your speakers to sing then our Marine System Three is a great option. We start with our usual KMC2 source unit to ensure that you have the connectivity you require: Bluetooth, USB, RCA and AM/FM radio to be exact. At the output end we have our 6.5" marine grade speaker units, designed to withstand the marine environment whilst producing great sounding, clear audio. In between the two we fit our 150W 2 channel amplifier. The addition of the amplifier puts more power to the speakers allowing them to reproduce audio to their full potential. This all creates an energetic captain-focussed sound system that will leave a smile on your face.

KAKMC2 - KMC Marine Media Centre
KA45KM654 - KM Marine 6.5" (165 mm) Coaxial Speaker System
KA45KMA1502 - KMA Marine 150W 2 Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier