Kicker Marine Tower System 2

  • £999.95

Our marine tower systems include an enclosed speaker set producing plenty of high quality audio along with an amplifier capable of giving them all the power they require. The Tower System 2 in particular pairs a set of our 8" units with the 300W amplifier. The large woofer size increases the air movement meaning louder volume and a more powerful sound. To help move these impressive cones the amplifier has been uprated to the 300W 4 channel variant, enough to keep the speakers playing at their best!

Available with charcoal or white colour grills/enclosures. Please select from the dropdown when ordering.

KA45KMTC8 - KMTC Marine 8" Coaxial Tower Speakers
KA45KMA3004 - KMA Marine 300W 4 Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier