HS 8" Compact Powered Loaded Enclosure

  • £309.95

Kicker's legendary subwoofer technology continues to lead the way for clear-sounding, ground-pounding bass in a vehicle. It's incorporated into Kicker's latest bass machine, the brand's first compact powered subwoofer and an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations award winner for design and engineering.

The Kicker Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer delivers surprising low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure, setting a new standard in plug-and-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle. At just over three inches high and nearly 14 inches long, the Hideaway combines a 150-watt amplifier and an 8-inch subwoofer to add thumping bass to any vehicle from the tightest locations. It also provides a quick-connect power plug and Velcro-fastened nylon straps for secure installation and simple but fast removal.

The quick-connect Molex plug and harness entails power, signal and remote turn-on. The Hideaway comes with a remote bass control for fine-tuning bass levels, adjustable low-pass crossover, variable +6dB bass boost, phase-cancelling switch for max output and two automatic turn-on options. It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit.

- Subwoofer - 8 in, 20cm
- RMS power at 14.4V - 150 W
- Frequency response - 25-120 Hz
- Crossover - 12dB/octave low pass at 50-120Hz or 24dB/octave high pass at 25Hz
- Phase switch - 0/180 Degrees
- Input sensitivity - Low level - 125mV-5V or High level - 250mV-10V
- KickEQ boost - variable to +6dB at 40Hz
- Remote bass - included
- Dimensions (D x H x W) - 35.2 x 7.94 x 23.8 cm
- Weight - 4.3 kg