Front Row Digital Signal Processor

  • £234.99

KICKER Signal Processors are all about customising your sound. Use this gear to make your system sing!

The Front Row is a 6-channel digital signal processor that allows you to engineer music the way you've always wanted to hear it.

The Front Row utilises an included remote control, with a simple series of analog knobs; but underneath the dials lay a powerful micro-processor with all the signal processing done in the digital domain (28-/56-bit, double-precision DSP with 24-bit AD/DA converters). Tune your sound to experience staging, imaging and bass with a sense of realism you have never heard before. All with the twist of a knob!


50 MHz CPU / 28-/56-bit double-precision DSP / 24-bit AD/DA converters
- Frequency Response (Hz) - 10-22k, +/-0.2dB
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 110dB
- THD - 0.004%

32-step variable crossovers with 12, 24 or 48dB/octave slopes
- Front - high-pass 0-500Hz or 0-5kHz (10x switch)
- Rear - high-pass 0-500Hz
- Rear - low-pass 50-500Hz or 500-5kHz (10x switch)
- Sub - subsonic filter 0-80Hz, fixed at 48dB/octave
- Sub - low-pass 40-160Hz
- Subwoofer Phase - variable 0-180 degrees
- KickEQ - variable 0-+15dB at 45Hz, Q=3
- SHOCwave - variable bass restoration