KPw2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - White

  • £159.99

On-the-go wireless speaker to stream your favourite music in any location!

- IPX5 rating for water resistance
- Durable build including rubber guides, reinforced plastic and metal grilles
- Bluetooth wireless for connection to phones, tablets or notebooks
- Two bass radiators and two drivers, with DSP for impressive audio response
- Compact design fits anywhere you can fit a water bottle
- Speakerphone - answer calls/built-in microphone
- Over 10 hours of continuous playback time

Have fun cooling off by the pool, lake, river or stream without worrying about your music stream.

The new KPw2 adds utilitarian charge-out capability so users can charge a phone or tablet; improved volume control by rubber membrane buttons; new track-forward and track-back transport controls; a modified design that reduces the amount of vibration and "jumping" from deep bass; inclusion of a 2.1A/5V power supply in the system; and sleek new color options.

With a strong reinforced build and sleek stylings, the KPw2 will go anywhere you go.

The KPw2 packs the punch of dual drivers, passive radiators for muscular bass and ideal digital-signal-processing defaults for enhanced audio performance.