Part of the Q-Class line; a defining statement of our expertise in research & development, design and build quality. The pinnacle of Kicker technology to excite passion in music and audio lovers alike. Q-Class is truly inspirational car audio.

IQ Amplifiers combine the two most import things for great sound: power and control. With a massive Class D power plant and the included TWEEQ™ tuning software, your music can achieve the realism and raw power you crave.


... the latest car audio amplifier offerings are becoming more sophisticated … Right at the top of the list are the new IQ series amplifiers from Kicker.


The revolutionary TWEEQ™ tuning software is included with every Kicker IQ amp, built to make crafting audio to your exact standards easy.


IQ delivers the ultimate in sound quality & power by hand-selecting the finest components. Paired with a very efficient Class D power supply - nuance & grunt in equal measure.


The IQRC easily controls your volume, bass boost & more with a single connection. The IQI Bluetooth Interface (optional) allows the use of TWEEQ software from a smart device.